The Story of the i play.® Swim Diaper

In 1982, Becky Cannon started her company, Family Clubhouse, which imported Japanese natural fiber diaper covers and sold them by mail order. Her customer base quickly grew, as a new group of parents wanted natural & safe materials against their baby’s skin, and saw the impact disposable diapers were having on the environment.

Business was going well and running smoothly out of her home until 1990, when sales suddenly dropped and put Family Clubhouse in financial straits. She had to act quickly, and had the idea to expand her product line to include comfortable, functional, and reusable swim diapers.

the original swimsuit diaper

At that time, there was not a practical option for baby swimwear, as parents were still using uncomfortable plastic pants over either cloth or disposable diapers, as disposable swim diapers were not available. These options did not work well, as cotton cloth diapers became heavy and stuck to baby’s skin, and absorbent disposables puffed up like balloons! Parents needed a combination of comfort and containment for swim time with their baby.

Becky worked to refine and develop a quality product that offered health protection for swimmers along with comfort for babies. As sales started to grow, she reached out to local seamstresses for help. Soon there were 50 women working in their homes, sewing 10,000 swim diapers a week!

That was the beginning of the i play.® Swim Diaper, which has been our bestselling product for the past 26 years. Becky continues to refine and improve the original concept, adding new features like easy-lock side snaps and UPF 50+ sun protection. The current triple-layer design is patented and recommended to keep both baby and swimmers safe in the water.

Today our Swim Diapers come in many colors, patterns, styles and sizes. All swimsuits and trunks feature built-in swim diapers, so parents can focus on what matters: Offering their little ones safety and protection while enjoying the many benefits of swimming!

Did you know?

Swim diapers have become an important health issue. Local laws often mandate that pre-potty trained children wear swim diapers in public pools. There are disposable options, however studies show that reusable swim diapers contains up to 99% of solid matter, while disposables have a tendency to fall apart and leak. There is also the environmental issue to consider. Disposables are an expensive, nonrenewable resource that goes into landfill, while a reusable can be worn until outgrown, then handed down to a sibling or friend.

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