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The fun and adventures of travel, social events, and holidays are exciting to plan for and to enjoy. They help your child broaden his world of people, places, and learning experiences. However, they often involve foods that include refined sugar and other extremes, along with disruptions of your child’s routine. Returning home and getting back into a routine of ordinary day-to-day life is usually a welcome relief after travel, holidays or events. Home sweet home. Once you return, if your baby or child got off balance, you may need to prepare remedies to help bring him back to center and create some quiet time for settling back in.

Parents are role models, and the way you manage yourself communicates your priorities and principles to your child. The example you set teaches him to self-regulate and balance discipline and pleasure for himself on special occasions.

Rice balls and sandwiches are easy to take when traveling with your child. When going out, you can make individual bentos, or you can pack food in family size containers and carry small plates for serving. When your baby starts eating solid foods, you can integrate your family meals to coordinate with his meals, reducing your time spent shopping and in the kitchen. When you cook whole grains and vegetables for your baby, you can also cook the same foods for your family, either separately or together, and make seasoning adjustments at the end.

Simple dishes that you and your child can enjoy together, after he is chewing well include pasta salad, spaghetti, curry rice, and vegetable casserole. They are soft and easy to eat for a toddler, and they are all inclusive main course dishes that include grains, vegetables, and protein-rich foods. You can adjust your favorite soups, stews, and casseroles to meet your child’s needs as he makes the transition to adult food. Eating the same quality of food together helps build a family bond.

What meals do you enjoy preparing for your family? Share in the comments!
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