Illness: Hyperactivity

System: Nervous

Children who are bursting with energy, are rarely still, and are easily distracted may be described as hyperactive. In infancy and toddlerhood, however, there is no line that differentiates a child who is hyperactive from one who is merely high-spirited. You can help your child regulate her energy level by observing it and by offering ways to increase or decrease it through food, natural remedies, and activities.

Hyperactivity: Symptoms
  • Inability to sit sill
  • Restlessness while nursing or feeding
  • Back arching, muscle tensing, constant wiggling
  • Fitful sleep; wakes often; inability to self-soothe
Hyperactivity: Causes
  • Unbalanced diet or food allergies
  • Lack of sleep
  • Genetics or chemical imbalance
  • Need for kinesthetic movement
Hyperactivity: Prevention

Proper sleep, healthy food, fresh air, exercise

Hyperactivity: Suggestions for Care

Be sure your baby is getting everything she needs to achieve balance in her body systems—adequate sleep, nourishing food, fresh air, and vigorous daily exercise. Maintain routines and feeding schedules in order to minimize anxiety while regulating blood sugar. With seemingly hyperactive children, daily exercise is especially helpful for expelling extra energy, relaxing, and promoting focus. Discourage television, movies, and video games, which can cause anxiety. Try to keep your home calm and stress-free.

In addition, be sure your child’s caregivers and teachers are adequately matched to her temperament. A low-energy caregiver can become exasperated by a high-energy child, thus limiting the child’s natural curiosity and hurting her self-image and potential. When she enters preschool, make sure she has learning opportunities that support her learning style.

Once you notice that your baby may have more energy than is typical, begin to keep a diary of her behaviors. If she does need professional intervention, your diary can become helpful in obtaining a proper diagnosis and crafting an effective treatment plan.

Food and Remedies for Nursing Mother or Baby Older than Six Months

Food impacts energy. A diet of nutritious, whole foods keeps energy flowing at a steady pace.

Topical Treatments
Foods to Emphasize

A balanced diet that includes cold-water fish such as tuna or salmon, borage oil, flax oil, primrose oil, cod liver oil, and algae.

Foods to Avoid

Sugar, caffeine (through the nursing mother), chocolate, gluten, and casein. Also avoid food additives, especially food coloring, benzoates, nitrates, sulfites, calcium silicates, BHT, BHA, benzoyl peroxide, emulsifiers, thickeners, stabilizers, vegetable gums, food starch, artificial flavorings, preservatives, and monosodium glutamate.

Essential Oils for Baby

Lavender, chamomile

Acupoints for Baby
  • Stomach 36, 40
  • Spleen 6
  • Heart 7
  • Kidney 3
  • Heart Governor 6
  • Gallbladder 34
  • Liver 3
  • Conception Vessel 12
Reiki for Baby

For two or more minutes, place your hands on the following parts of your child’s body: hara (belly), lower back, back below the ribs (kidney area), and forehead, temples, and top of head.

Massage for Baby

Give your child a whole-body massage to calm her energy.

Hyperactivity: Concerns

As your child matures, if you continue to have concerns about hyperactivity, talk to your pediatrician about seeing a professional who specializes in hyperactivity in children. Consider testing for food allergies.


Note: The suggestions and ideas in this eBook are not intended to take the place of professional guidance or treatment; they are meant to complement the advice of your child’s health care provider, caretakers, and educators, while offering consolidated information to help you develop your intuition and make choices that fit with your own personal, religious, or spiritual philosophies. There is no guarantee as to the effects of the use of the recommendations and no liabilities can be taken.

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