Energy in Food

All foods have an energy force, as well as their nutritional composition. This life force is the same chi that your baby’s body carries along her meridians or channels. Living foods are those that have energy and the potential to create life: dried grains and seeds can sprout with added water, some root vegetables sprout and can be planted to grow new plants, and fermented foods are made up of living organisms. Animal and processed foods have less life force energy.

Your physical and emotional state can influence the vibration of your baby’s food, as you cook, in either a positive or negative way. Your feelings of anger and irritation, or love and joy goes into her food and then transfers to her.

While living in Ashiya, Japan, Naoki took care of Emi early one morning while I went to a small tofu shop to watch their manufacturing process. Taniwaki-san, the owner of the shop, stirred the steaming pots of soy curds and whey, while he said prayers to bless his tofu. I imagined that those blessings transferred into good energy for his customers. When you are cooking for your baby, you can intentionally think good and loving thoughts, so that the positive vibrations go into her food. Even if cooking is not really your thing, you can try to enjoy the opportunity to be creative, while nourishing, giving, and eating together with your family. Cooking is creating life.


A Positive Environment for Good Energy in Cooking
  • A quiet, calm environment without the TV on makes cooking a relaxing experience.
  • A neat, orderly kitchen makes it easy to find utensils and ingredients, reducing stress.
  • Simple meals take less time and energy, whereas complicated meals can add stress.
  • Slowing down helps you focus on the food.
  • Cooking recipes that you are enthusiastic about makes it more fun and interesting.
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