Camping With Baby

Camping with your baby or toddler is a great way to get him outdoors and enjoy nature firsthand. If you do not have a lot of camping experience yourself, then you may prefer to start simply by camping in your backyard or a car accessible campsite so you have your essentials nearby. Being in the fresh air, playing in the woods, looking for wildlife, hiking, cooking in the outdoors, and sleeping in a tent can offer a break from city life that sends you back refreshed. Camping with your baby is an economical way to take a family vacation or short break from your daily routine and spend some time together outdoors.

Safety first

Make sure you have what you need, so your child is comfortable and safe, including sun protection items and warm clothing. Check out the camping area for bodies of water, leftover trash, animals, or sharp objects. While camping with your baby, he needs to be supervised at all times, so divide up the duties with your partner or other adults, so that someone is in charge of him at all times.

In addition to the regular baby travel gear, you will need these items for camping with your baby.

  • ShelterTent; tarp; sleeping bags; pillows; flashlights; lanterns and headlamps; folding chairs; trash bags.
  • Eating—Camping stove and fuel; cooler; pots and pans; kitchen utensils; water; kitchen towels; dish soap; sponges; silverware; aluminum foil; can and bottle opener; food.
  • Clothing—Comfortable and durable clothing that can get dirty; rain gear; pajamas; underwear; jackets.
  • Basics—Swiss army knife, paper towels; toilet paper; Ziploc bags; bandana; water bottles; buckets for collecting nature objects.
  • Getting around—Backpack carrier; jogging stroller; bike trailer; day pack.
  • Health—First-aid kit and remedies; bug repellent; soap; toothpaste and toothbrushes; towels.
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