Beverages for Your Baby

After he starts eating solid food, you can supplement your baby’s food and breast milk or formula with a small amount of water from a spoon or sippy cup. If your water is not filtered, the safest water to begin with is water that has been boiled and cooled to room temperature.

At six months, some other beverage options that provide nutritional value, as well as hydration are vegetable broths, vegetable puree soup, amazake, rice milk, barley tea, and herbal tea. Serve these beverages at room temperature or at about the same temperature of breast milk or formula.

At twelve months, when breast milk or formula is not the sole source of fluids, other beverages can be introduced in small amounts, such as coconut water, diluted fruit juice without added sugar, raw vegetable juice, almond and sesame milks (check to make sure he does not have an allergic reaction to nuts), and soy milk (sparingly). If you choose to introduce cow’s or goat’s milk to your child after the age of one, make sure you choose whole organic milk.

The following chart gives an overview of which beverages to introduce and when. The chart also includes how frequently to serve these beverages and which ones to avoid.

when to introduce beverages

What beverages does your baby enjoy? Share in the comments below!
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