Proactive Parenting

You are your child’s first and primary relationship, and his first teacher. Your relationship is central to her emotional development.

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Your baby’s cognitive development is interrelated with his sense of humor. Humor is a form of play, and play is how children learn. A good sense of ...


A positive and helpful approach to your child’s development involves being mindful that your actions and words are truly about him, his dreams, and ...


Your child learns by taking in the world around him and then imitating what he absorbs. Your emotional regulation creates the emotional climate for yo...


The ability to regulate emotions helps your child develop awareness, control, and socially acceptable behavior as he grows. Your help begins with ackn...

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A comprehensive and accessible resource for natural baby care. Nurture your baby with nature's principles for a radiant life. Grow Healthy. Grow Happy. The Whole Baby Guide is a complete resource for parents to give their babies a healthy beginning for the first three years.