Play is an essential part of your child’s learning, brain development, and overall health. This section discusses the importance of play in helping your child learn to navigate the world around her, and suggests appropriate toys and activities for various ages and stages.

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Discover the tools, foods, & timeline for healthy oral development. Grow Healthy. Grow Happy. is the comprehensive reference for natural parenting.


Learn which synthetic fibers come from plastic, are manufactured fabric, treated with formaldehyde, retain shape, and much more. Learn information abo...


As your baby’s guide, you are in charge of setting limits and creating boundaries for her. Sometimes it can be challenging to know when your child i...


To give your baby’s brain a rich environment in which it can grow and develop to its full potential, consider moderating the amount of media to whic...


Your baby learns through active participation. The more she experiences, the more neural connections her brain makes, and the greater her capacity for...


Your baby’s brain will never be more receptive to language than it is between birth and 7 years old. Here are ways to introduce her to as many sound...

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